TERS Toolkit Instructions

We have developed a TERS Toolkit to convert the excel TERS application template file into a csv file, ready for upload to the TERS website.

This is our contribution to #payitforward to the community of South-Africa.

Once you are registered on the platform for online TERS submissions:

  1. Complete attachment 1 which is the Excel template. (screenshot below for ease of reference).

  2. Once you have captured all the data, then save this file as a Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) file, as per the screenshot below. 

  3. Run the Exponential Brilliance TERS Toolkit or install it from this link: https://portal.exponentialbrilliance.co.za/software/toolkit/setup.exe and follow steps a and b below:
    1. Once the setupe.exe program has been downloaded, run it and follow the installation instructions. Windows SmartScreen will show the following warning:

    2. Click on More info and click on Run anyway.

  4. When the toolkit starts up, the terms and conditions needs to be read and agreed upon:

  5. Close the excel file, and open the Exponential Brilliance TERS Toolkit. (the shortcut will automatically be added to the user’s desktop on installation).

  6. Add the UIF reference number and select the .txt file created in note 2 above. And select “OK”

  7. The toolkit will populate the csv file, as per the screenshot below. 

  8. To see what your file looks like, right click and open with Notepad. Compare this with the example file as per the UIF file. 

  9. The file will look like this: 

  10. The file above, will be uploaded onto the website, as per the following screenshot: